My name is Eric, yes that’s me. Needless to say I enjoy creating 3D visual and concept designing. It’s my hobby and what I do as part of my work. I started as a Graphic Designer and now I specialising in 3D Modelling with some skills as a 3D generalist and concept design. With a number of years of experience under my belt there is never a moment I could stop learning. I’m always looking to find new inspirational challenges to be better then what I am now.

I have previously spent a year living in Japan, the mega world of technology, anime, manga, gadgets with a blend of traditional culture. Living there opened up the opportunity for me to enjoy being more imaginative. I was truly impressed and inspired by the many creative genius.

I don’t know if I consider myself just a geek in the visual world, since I do have other interest as well. I love to travel and snapping a few photos on my journey. If it is sports I like snowboarding, badminton and table tennis. I watch F1 and get excited over the World Cup soccer matches, cheering for the Aussies to win. From time to time I watch Hollywood blokbuster movies as well as Japanese and Korean movies.